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Fee Information

To Schedule An Appointment:020 8901 5583 (Direct to Cardiac Centre) or 020 8901 5555

Dr Nathan has a decicated bookings specialist, Aline, who can be reached on:

Tel:     07720 735968 (messages left will be returned rapidly)


Some details of fee schedules and how to pay are listed on the Spire Bushey dedicated pages

Dr Nathan follows the recommended fees for all of the major the insurance companies. ECGs and device checks (pacing, defibrillator and implantable loop recorders) for some patients (eg Axa and Vitality patients) are charged through the hospital as they do not have a fee structure for these procedures. Telephone or video consultations are charged the same as face to face and charges may be levied (maximum £100) for complex email "consultations".


For self-pay patients he charges:

Standard New Patient Consultation £230

Standard Follow-up Consultation £160


Follow-up Consult Including Pacemaker Check £260

Follow-up Consult Including Implantable Defib Check £295

ECG £85

CareLink for Pacemakers Annual Subscription £485

CareLink for Defibrillators Annual Subscription £595

Implant of Event Recorder £320

Explant of Event Recorder £250

Direct Current Cardioversion £250

(Last updated October 2022)

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