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Call Appointments on 020 8901 5555 or call the Cardiac Centre on
020 8901 5583

Dr Nathan has a decicated bookings specialist,

Aline, who can be reached on:

Tel: 07720 735968 (messages left will be        returned rapidly)


Or via our secretaries

Dr Anthony Nathan:

Tel:     020 8420 4471

Fax:    020 8420 4472


Dr Niall Keenan:

Tel:      020 8950 0534

Fax:    020 8420 4155


Dr Anthony Chow:

Tel:    01895 628900 or  07737 277134


The Heart Partners

Spire Bushey Hospital

Heathbourne Road



WD23 1RD

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Remote Monitoring with The Heart Partners

The Heart Partners run the most comprehensive private CareLink Networks in the UK and one of the largest in Europe. This allows most patients with pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and implanted loop recorders to be checked remotely. The implanted devices can communicate with CareLink using a small external monitor which connects to any mobile phone network. This allows the patient and their device to be checked more frequently, looking for any problems and can also monitor the response to various treatments. ECG tracings from inside the heart can be obtained (real-time as well as stored). Problems can often be identified before the patient may otherwise be aware of them, which has been literally life-saving, and usually substantially reduces the number of clinic visits needed.

World Class Physicians

The Heart Partners bring together leading cardiologists to offer a comprehensive cardiac service. The senior partner, Dr Anthony Nathan, is joined by Dr Niall Keenan (Cardiac Imaging and General Cardiology) and Dr Anthony Chow (Atrial Fibrillation, Heart Rhythm disorders, Ablation and ICDs/ Pacemakers), enabling holistic care for your heart.

How do the Heart Partners Work?
  • The Heart Partners share a common ethos on the care of the cardiac patient, delivered in a compassionate and friendly manner. They will each be working in private practice, and will use each other’s special expertise and share secretaries and notes (now becoming electronic).

  • The practices are all based at the Spire Bushey Hospital. Dr Nathan also sees outpatients at the Platinum Medical Centre of The Wellington Hospital.

  • Invasive procedures are performed at The Wellington Hospital.

  • If one of the Partners is unavailable, patients are offered an appointment with one of the other members of the team who will be fully conversant with the patient’s case history and have full access to the notes, although patients are. obviously free to see someone else if they or their referring physician prefers

  • Remote monitoring of pacemakers, implantable defibrillators and implantable event recorders (CareLink) is managed by a specialist physiologist, Leah Beck, who is an expert in all aspects of pacing technology and associated patient care

Top-Level Cardiac Care

The Heart Partners are totally committed to being able to offer the best quality and safest care for your heart. We are now able to offer the latest in cardiac imaging and diagnostics, including cardiac MRI scanning and 3D echocardiography, as well as a complete range of treatments for palpitations and arrhythmias (including AF ablation and pacemaker / ICD implantation).

The Heart Partners undergo regular appraisal and audit, and perform all their work within GMC guidelines.

Head and Shoulders Photo Dr AW Nathan 4-
Anthony Chow 2.jpg

The Heart Partners offer comprehensive care for for your cardiac rhythm managment device:

  • Implants, Follow-up and Generator Changes

  • The Latest Remote Monitoring Technology​​

  • Unexplained Syncope and Dizzy Spells​

  • Heart Failure Treatments

  • Early detection of Atrial Fibrillation

  • The latest techniques of Catheter Ablation

What You Need to Know 
Before Choosing Your Cardiologist
  • Are they appopriately trained and qualified to deal with your problem?

  • Will they be available for help and advice when you need it?

  • Are they part of team of experts that can deal with different aspects of your problem?

  • Do they have robust secretarial and administrative support?

  • Are they fee-assured with your insurance company?

  • Will they treat you as a person, not a diagnosis?

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